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April 30th, 2008 · No Comments · 1976, 2.5, Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1), Batroc, Captain America, David Hunt, Don Warfield, Falcon, Gerry Conway, Glynis Oliver / Glynis Wein, Green Goblin (Harry Osborn), Joe Rosen, Kingpin, Len Wein, Lightmaster (Edward Lanksy), Marvel Team-Up (Vol. 1), Mike Esposito / Mickey Demeo, Ross Andru, Sal Buscema, Schemer, Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1), Spider-Man, Spider-Man / Spider-Lizard (Peter Parker), Tarantula

Twice Stings the Tarantula! Writer: Gerry Conway Artist/storyteller: Sal Buscema Inker/embellisher: Mike Esposito Letterer: Joe Rosen Colorist: Dave Hunt Originally published: December 1976 Danger: Demon on a Rampage! Guest writer: Gerry Conway Artists: Sal Buscema, Mike Esposito Letterer: Joe Rosen Colorist: Don Warfield Originally published: December 1976 All the Kingpin’s Men! Writer: Len Wein Illustrator: […]

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