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X-Men and Spider-Man 001

December 23rd, 2008 · No Comments · 2009, 4.5, Angel, Beast, Blob, Christos Gage, Cyclops, Dr. Octopus, Green Goblin (Harry Osborn), Hulk, Iceman / Rampage (Bobby Drake), Jared K. Fletcher, Kraven the Hunter, Magneto, Mario Alberti, Marvel Girl / Phoenix / Dark Phoenix (Jean Gray), Mr. Sinister, Sauron, Spider-Man, Spider-Man / Spider-Lizard (Peter Parker), X-Men and Spider-Man

The Strangest Teens of All Writer: Christos Gage Artist: Mario Alberti Letters: Jared K. Fletcher Originally published: January 2009 A fun little Team-Up-type tale pitting Spider-Man and the X-Men against Kraven and the Blob. The story had a nice pace, good action, and some cute foreshadowy jokes that I thought worked really well. I’m looking […]

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