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The Spider-Woman Vol. 1 009

November 3rd, 2008 · No Comments · 0.0, 1978, Al Gordon, Brother Grimm / Jake (Nathan Dolly), Brother Grimm / William (Nathan Dolly), Carmine Infantino, Jim Novak, Karen Raines, Madame Doll (Priscilla Dolly), Mark Gruenwald, Needle, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman (Vol. 1), Spider-Woman / Arachne (Jessica Drew)

Eye of the Needle Writer: Mark Gruenwald Artists: Carmine Infantino, Al Gordon Letterer: J. Novak Colorist: K. Raines Originally published: December 1978 Time for some Spider-Woman, which means almost certainly misplaced comics and me forgetting what the hell’s going on. Also, probably some insanely misogynistic and disturbing imagery! Yeah? At least the cover of this […]

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