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The Spider-Woman Vol. 1 012

November 5th, 2008 · No Comments · 1.5, 1979, Al Gordon, Bob Sharen, Brother Grimm / Jake (Nathan Dolly), Brother Grimm / William (Nathan Dolly), Carmine Infantino, John Costanza, Madame Doll (Priscilla Dolly), Magnus the Sorcerer, Mark Gruenwald, Mr. Doll (Nathan Dolly), Spider-Man, Spider-Woman (Vol. 1), Spider-Woman / Arachne (Jessica Drew)

The Last Tale of the Brothers Grimm Author: Mark Gruenwald Designer: Carmine Infantino Choreographer: Al Gordon Lighting: Bob Sharen Sound: John Costanza Originally published: March 1979 In this issue the story of the Brothers Grimm is finally wrapped up. Thankfully, the issue as not nearly as offensive as past issues (though still a little). Unfortunately, […]

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