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Marvel Two-In-One 069

November 13th, 2008 · No Comments · 1980, 2.5, Aquarian / Wundarr, Captain America, Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Charlie-27, Daredevil, Franklin Richards, Gene Day, George Roussos, Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Invisible Girl, Iron Man, John Costanza, Justice (Vance Astrovik), Major Victory (Vance Astro), Mark Gruenwald, Martinex, Marvel Two-in-One, Mr. Fantastic, Nikki (Nicholette Gold), Ralph Macchio, Ron Wilson, Spider-Man, Spider-Man / Spider-Lizard (Peter Parker), Starhawk (Stakar), Storm, Thing, Vision, Yondu

Homecoming! Story: Gruenwald, Macchio Pencils / inks: Wilson, Day Colors: George Roussos Letters: John Costanza Originally published: November 1980 This story sucked kinda. It was about one of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Vance Astro, trying to convince his younger self to not take the same path he did. While I generally like time-travel stuff, […]

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