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The Spider-Woman Vol. 1 010

November 3rd, 2008 · No Comments · 0.5, 1979, Al Gordon, Carmine Infantino, Francoise Mouly, Gypsy Moth, Irving Watanabe, Madame Doll (Priscilla Dolly), Magnus the Sorcerer, Mark Gruenwald, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman (Vol. 1), Spider-Woman / Arachne (Jessica Drew)

Things That Go Flit in the Night Writer: Mark Gruenwald Artists: Carmine Infantino, Al Gordon Letters: Watanabe Colors: F. Mouly Originally published: January 1979 The cover promises a new female character, the Gypsy Moth, and asks whether she is friend or foe. May I predict she engages in lesbian bondage with Spider-Woman? Well, the first […]

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