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Spider-Woman Vol. 1 021-026

December 1st, 2009 · No Comments · 1979, 1980, 3.0, Ben Sean, Carl Gafford, Clem Robins, Clown / Killer Clown (Casper Whimpley), Diana Albers, Frank Springer, Gamesman (Tim Braverman), Gamesman / Mr. Big, Glynis Oliver / Glynis Wein, Grinder (Brute Bashby), Hornet (Scotty McDowell), Jim Novak, Michael Fleisher, Mike Esposito / Mickey Demeo, Spider-Man, Spider-Man / Spider-Lizard (Peter Parker), Spider-Woman (Vol. 1), Spider-Woman / Arachne (Jessica Drew), Steve Leialoha, Trevor von Eedon

Beware the Spider-Woman — Bounty Hunter! Script by: Michael Fleisher Art by: Frank Springer & Mike Esposito Letters: Albers Colors: Sean Originally published: December 1979 Bring on… the Clown! Script: Michael Fleisher Pencils: Frank Springer Inks: Mike Esposito Letters: C. Robins Colors: B. Sean Originally published: January 1980 Enter the Gamesman Script: Michael Fleischer Artists: […]

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