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The Avengers Vol. 1 168

June 21st, 2008 · No Comments · 1978, 2.5, Avengers (Vol. 1), Beast, Captain America, Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Carina Walters, Charlie-27, Denise V. Wohl / Denise Vladimer, Dr. Strange, George Perez, Hawkeye / Goliath, Iron Man, Jim Shooter, Korvac (Michael Korvac), Major Victory (Vance Astro), Martinex, Nikki (Nicholette Gold), Pablo Marcos, Phil Rache / Phil Rachelson, Scarlet Witch, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Spider-Man / Spider-Lizard (Peter Parker), Starhawk (Aleta Ogord), Thor, Two-Gun Kid (Matt Hawk), Vision, Wonder Man (Simon Williams), Yondu

First Blood Script: James Shooter Pencils: George Perez Inks: Pablo Marcos Letters: Denise Wohl Colors: Phil Rache Originally published: February 1978 Hmm…again, I jumped into the middle (or beginning?) and really had no idea what was happening here. It seemed mildly interesting, but without more info it’s really hard to tell. Pete and MJ are […]

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