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Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1 100 (Story 1)

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Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1 100Karma!
Writer: Chris Claremont
Co-Creator: Frank Miller
Embellisher: Bob Wiacek
Letterer: A. Kawecki
Colorist: Carl Gafford
Originally published: December 1980

The 100th issue of Marvel Team-Up! Spidey and the Fantastic Four! Surely it must be amazing? I hope… This issue was apparently inspired by Ithacon ’79. Given the quality level the last time a story was inspired by a con, I’m not optimistic.

…and I was right to feel that way. The issue was bad enough that it took me almost a month to get through it and review it. Suck. The formula was exactly the same as usual for Team-Up: misunderstanding leads to heroes fighting, they make up, team-up, and triumph. I doze off.

Update: a lot of people really seem to like this issue. Maybe I’m crazy? I still think it’s bad.



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