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Spider-Woman Vol. 1 031

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Spider-Woman Vol. 1 031The Sting of the Hornet
Script: Michael Fleisher
Art: Steve Leialoha, Jim Mooney
Letters: Rogan
Colors: Sharen
Originally published: October 1980

This issue starts out pretty bad-ass. Scotty is having a dream in which he’s a flying super-villain named the Hornet, and fighting Spider-Woman. When he wakes up he questions it, because he actually loves Spider-Woman. BUT his unrequited love is only a few steps removed from rage, and he ends up smashing his apartment up a bit (with uncharacteristic strength). When there’s a knock on the door, a stoner delivery man with a mysterious package pisses Scotty off even more, calling him “the White Rock girl“. That’s when Scotty passes by a mirror and sees, growing from his back, a pair of wings! :O

New wings — that work! — and new strength. And, when Scotty opens the package, he discovers a new Hornet costume, identical to the one in his dream. Scotty’s new power, new outfit, and his precarious mental state transform him into the Hornet, who seems to be a bit of a hateful jerk.

Later we learn this is all the plan of Dr. Malus, the same crazy who was working with the Fly and the Enforcer, and who rescued Scotty in the last issue. The motivation for said rescue is now clear, as Malus used it as an opportunity to drug Scotty and use him to his own ends. Those ends are a bit unclear, but maybe I just don’t understand criminal genius.

This was a great issue, at least by Spider-Woman standards. Hurrah!



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