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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 208

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Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 208Fusion!
Writer: Denny O’Neil
Layouts: John Romita, Jr.
Finished Art: Allen Milgron, Brett Breeding
Letterer: Jean Simek
Colorist: Ben Sean
Plotting: Jim Shooter, Mark Gruenwald
Originally published: September 1980

This issue begins with a shoutout to the fans at Maplecon II in Ottawa for creating the Fusion premise. Hurray for CanCon! Boo for a terrible idea! Read on dear friends…

Spider-Man is back from his jaunt in Los Angeles. As he swings through Manhattan he decides to stop to help out at the scene of a car accident and traffic jam. Not a very exciting start, but not every issue can be super villains and apocalypse, I suppose. As is fairly predictable, Spidey’s attempt at help only angers those involved. He gets called a commie. You would think this scene might have something to do with the rest of the issue, but you’d be wrong.

Next we jump to a science lab, where we meet Hubert and Pinky Fusser, little-people twins. Hubert, a scientist at the lab, is rushing ahead with his research on an untested, unchecked sub-atomic particle accelerator, despite the warnings of his janitor brother, Pinky. As Hubert says, “surely nothing can go wrong.” Shockingly, though, there is “a burst of raw energy as hundred trillian (sic) name less (sic) specks of matter are unleashed”. This, naturally, results in Hubert and Pinky fusing together into a glowing mess of a man.

Cut to the Daily Globe, where Peter is late for an important meeting. We, and he, learn that Rupert Dockery – who you may remember as the owner of the Los Angeles Courier in Spider-Woman – has been brought in as the new circulation manager! (Note: although Peter knows of Dockery from his time in LA, that’s not something he can really let on about. He keeps his trap shut.) Pete also learns that Barney Bushkin has hired another photographer, one Lance Bannon. I smell trouble!

Peter, feeling sorry for himself, meets up with his Aunt May at some hospital where she’s visiting Anna Watson. At this point I, the reader, am crazy bored. Aunt May scenes have a tendency to be little more than filler lately, in my opinion. This is no exception really… after some chitchat, Pete’s spider sense starts to go nuts, and after finding a place to change, he eventually comes across the fused Fusser twins. It’s not clear why they are in a hospital terrorizing nurses. When Spidey attempts to talk Fusion up, he just leaps out the window.

Chase time! It turns out Fusion has the powers to expel huge amounts of kinetic energy when touched, and to absorb energy from things like falling or running into stuff, and also from engines and lights and stuff like that. It also turns out that, though they are fused, Pinky and Herbert can’t agree about what they should be doing and, in their disagreement, they actually can de-fuse and go their separate ways. However, they can’t get very far apart before they start suffering; I can’t tell if they’re in pain or what, but it’s not good. Kinda like that episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation when Picard and Dr. Crusher have those things and they can’t separate and then they can read each others’ thoughts and Beverly discovers that Picard has a huge boner for her. But I digress.

So anyway, they are de-fused and then they refuse and there’s this whole long stretch where Spider-Man really should have caught up them, but he doesn’t. Instead he just heads back to hang out with Aunt May and Anna Watson.

Later, Spidey eventually finds Fusion and tries to fight him. It doesn’t really work out. Also, the part that’s Hubert is all about staying fused and absorbing tons of energy and throwing Spidey around, but the Pinky part just wants to go home. So, you know, there’s internal conflict AND external conflict ALL AT ONCE. So anyway, the only way Spidey is actually able to defeat Fusion is by taking advantage of this internal conflict; he convinces Pinky to de-fuse with his brother and distance himself enough that they become weakened.

Once separated, we get this classic line from Spider-Man:


“They’re two harmless-looking midgets!”.

So that’s about it. A pretty lame-ass, boring conclusion to a pretty lame-ass boring issue. I guess the idea wasn’t terrible, but it was pretty clich├ęd and it certainly didn’t overcome that at all. The whole thing seems like it was banged out quickly and without much thought. Weak.



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