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Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1 096

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Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1 096Panic in the Park
Script, Art, Letters, Colors: Alan Kupperberg
Originally published: August 1980

This whole issue, the whole thing, was done by Alan Kupperberg. That’s nuts.

This is a team-up between Spider-Man and Howard the Duck. A lot of people like Howard the Duck. I am not one of them. Waugh!

This takes place immediately after the end of Amazing Spider-Man 208. Once again, the issue opens with a traffic jam. This time, though, Howard the Duck, cab driver, is stuck in it. He has driven a “weirdo…bozo” from Cleveland to New York City and is in a fowl mood. HA! SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!

Unfortunately, that joke I just made is better than this entire issue. Onwards…

For no reason the guy in the cab introduces himself as Status Quo and starts telling a boring origin story:


Listen, writers: if your characters know that a story is boring, how do you think your readers are going to like it? So this dude is basically a square that’s annoyed by new fads and things changing. He has made it his goal to “destroy the faddists”. His plan is to use subliminal messages and the media to attract followers…and then use them for something? This, of course, is ridiculous, and not in a way that’s even remotely entertaining.

HowDu drops Status Quo off at the park to recruit more followers. He causes some sort of commotion, which a world-weary Peter Parker sees on his TV back home. Pete also happens to see Howard there and, because apparently his spider sense now operates through television, Pete decides to go check the whole thing out.

Check out this great panel about jogging:


So ya, Status Quo incites a riot. He also hands out “explosive TNT frisbees” and “jet-propelled skate-boards”. I hate this issue.

Nothing much really happens for awhile, until Spider-Man compares Status Quo to Hitler and says that this whole thing is about human rights.

Then nothing again for awhile, until Spidey and Howard both separately attack Status Quo. Howard basically just talks SQ out of the whole thing in the space of a couple panels, Status Quo gets arrested, and everybody goes home.

This was horrible. It read like a really shitty, really long hostess ad. I hated it.



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