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Spider-Woman: Origin 004-005

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Spider-Woman: Origin 004Writers: Brian Michael Bendis, Brian Reed
Pencils, Inks & Colors: Jonathan Luna
Layouts: Joshua Luna
Letterer: Cory Petit
Originally published: May 2006

Spider-Woman: Origin 005Writers: Brian Michael Bendis, Brian Reed
Pencils, Inks & Colors: Jonathan Luna
Layouts: Joshua Luna
Letterer: Cory Petit
Originally published: June 2006

No idea if this is placed correctly. When I was last reading about Spider-Woman, in Spider-Woman 21-26, she was basically doing crime fighting and bounty hunting with a guy named Scotty. When I last read Spider-Woman Origin I was pretty sure I had misplaced stuff. The recap in the beginning of this issue says that Nick Fury reached out to Jessica with an offer for her to work with SHIELD, which she declined, and that he told her that her parents were alive. I don’t remember this, nor do I understand how it all fits together.

So this opens with Jessica strangling Nick Fury and demanding to know where her parents are. She agrees to work with Fury so they can help each other. Fury tells her that her dad was working for Hydra and that her mom has been hiding, but has recently turned up in NYC. When Jessica arrives at the apartment, she finds some Hydra agents and her mom’s body — recently murdered by some clown named Whiplash. Jess also finds documents about something called “Athena Device Mk 2”. Oooh.

Jess takes off, and later winds up hobnobbing undercover on the yacht of one Otto Vermis. When Whiplash shows up, though, the jig is up. Interestingly, while she is taking to Vermis, at one point Jessica sees him with a cow head, like Bova. I think she’s still screwy in the brain, which gives credence to my theories about past issues. Anyway, Jess has no choice but to toss herself into the shark-infested ocean to get away. Also she blows up the boat with Vermis and Whiplash on it.

Jess I guess found out enough to discover where this Athena was, because she heads out to some oil rig that seems to be the Athena HQ and finds her dad working there. And, that’s the end of issue 4.

This was OK. It seemed to move too quickly, or leave too much out, but I might just be used to exposition-saturated bronze age comics at the moment. The story’s interesting, though, I like it.

In the final issue of this limited series, we open on Madame Hydra arriving at the Athena place and meeting up with a wheelchair-bound General Wyndham. He’s all disfigured and gross. I had been assuming that General Wyndham was Vermis, but it’s made clear here that he’s not. That said, it could still be that the mind-probes from previous issues still caused Jessica to confuse them.

Anyway, Jess is talking with her dad and confirms that he’s a Hydra jerk. He’s simply interested in testing her so her can further Hydra’s experiments with Athena, which is basically a project to make more Spider-Women. When Jessica gets pissed, though, she sees her dad as some kind of Wolf thing and then others from her past — mindprobe brain/psychological damage again. In fact, her dad basically says as much.

Jessica’s response is to basically fly off the handle, blow everything up, and beat the snot out of every Hydra agent she finds. Hydra’s response is to “wake them up” — and then she’s faced with a shit-ton of other Spider-Women. So she beats the hell out of them, too. Madame Hydra gets pissed when Dr. Drew won’t leave, so she shoots his face off. The whole place explodes like crazyballs. Eventually, SHIELD finds Jess floating in the water. The apparently picked up Madame Hydra too.

In the end, Jess is depressed but has an open invitation to work with SHIELD. She gives Fury her card for Drew Investigations and they say their goodbyes. THE END.

So I guess these were probably in the right place, chronology-wise. That’s good.

Again, I more or less liked this. The ending was a little weak, but whatever. For some reason, the Luna Brothers characters sometimes remind me of Lego people.



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