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Hostess: Spider-Man in “The Trap” (B)

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Hostess: Spider-Man in "The Trap" (B)Spider-Man in “The Trap”
Originally published: June 1980

June 1980:
Conan the Barbarian #111, Ka-Zar #9, What If #21, Captain America #246

Clearly this is such an awesome title that they had to use it twice. Yes, this is the second Hostess Spider-Man comic entitled “The Trap”. How clever.

This particular Hostess ad has a weak plot, though I guess that’s not a great surprise. Larcenous Lil and her two henchmen manage to trap Spider-Man in a net, even though his Spider Sense warned him of danger, and even though dropping a net on Spider-Man as he swings by is a stupid plan. Once captured, en route to Lil’s lair, Spidey offers one of the thugs some delicious Hostess Twinkies Cakes to let him go. Although he sense that Lil will be displeased by his actions, the thug is unable to resist the confections and let’s Spidey free. When they all arrive at Lil’s lair, Spidey webs the dame up. Hurray.

Let’s face it: these Hostess ads are ridiculous. There’s no way to play them straight, which is why I much prefer the ads that are more absurd and surreal. This was just a really lousy caper, with nothing rewarding.



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