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Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1 095

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Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1 095…And No Birds Sing!
Writer: Steven Grant
Artists: Jimmy Janes, Bruce Patterson
Colors: Ben Sean
Letters: Costanza
Originally published: July 1980

Arriving at the airport in LA, Pete witnesses a lady getting attacked by some dudes. Although the lady defends herself well, Pete jumps in as Spider-Man to help. Unfortunately, it turns out that the dudes were SHIELD agents and the lady, Mockingbird, is a wanted woman.

Later, Pete decides to help SHIELD capture Mockingbird. Everything goes bananas, and it turns out the SHIELD agents in question are corrupt and Mockingbird is good. Nick Fury pops in to dish out the punishment.

Although all the baddies end up put away, at the end Mockingbird is gravely injured.

This was a nice intrigue-y issue. Good, entertaining read. Also, there are flying cars, like in Back to the Future.



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