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Spider-Woman Vol. 1 016

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Spider-Woman Vol. 1 016All You Need is Hate
Writer: Mark Gruenwald
Artists: Carmine Infantino, Al Gordon
Letters: J. Costanza
Colors: B. Sean
Originally published: July 1979

Well, we’ve once again got two ridiculous excuses for Jessica Drew to get naked. Nekra is also pretty much naked as well:


And they of course get into a huge fight — described as “tiger against tiger”, a.k.a. a catfight — in which their clothes get torn to shreds. None of this is anywhere near as bad as the crap Marv Wolfman was writing, but it’s still pretty gratuitous and stupid.

As a side note, we learn that Spider-Woman won the fight because Nekra loved her. So it wasn’t just a normal catfight, it was a hot lesbian catfight.

On the plus side, Jerry Hunt is moving to London. Are we finally rid of him? Let’s hope so.



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