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The Spider-Woman Vol. 1 009

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The Spider-Woman Vol. 1 009Eye of the Needle
Writer: Mark Gruenwald
Artists: Carmine Infantino, Al Gordon
Letterer: J. Novak
Colorist: K. Raines
Originally published: December 1978

Time for some Spider-Woman, which means almost certainly misplaced comics and me forgetting what the hell’s going on. Also, probably some insanely misogynistic and disturbing imagery! Yeah? At least the cover of this is just standard-issue comic soft pr0n spandex, sans bondage. Perhaps with a new writer comes a newer, cleaner Spider-Woman.

My hopes that Gurenwald & Infantino will have a less offensive issue are quickly dashed, though, as we come to this panel on the second page:


Clear oral sex, rape, and domination imagery. I mean come on, Infantino even started to draw the Needle’s erect cock, and it’s just conveniently blocked by the victim’s arm. And even the name, and his weapon — the Needle? Really? Come ON!

It just gets worse from here, with the narration FILLED with double-entendres, and then another oral shot, this time featuring Jerry Hunt:

needle2.png needle3.png needle4.png needle5.png needle6.png

Once that unpleasantness is over with, we’re treated to a shot of Jessica Drew stripping out of her costume:


All of this is within the first four pages of content!

Seriously, it continues like this:

needle8.pngneedle9.png needle10.png

Money shot!

I hate this comic so much. ZERO!



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