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The Spider-Woman Vol. 1 006

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The Spider-Woman Vol. 1 006End of a Nightmare!!
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Pencils: Carmine Infantino
Inks: Rick Bryant
Letters: J. Costanza
Colors: Bob Sharen
Originally published: September 1978

This was mostly a big sorcery battle between Magnus and Morgan, with Spider-Woman in the middle of course. Werewolf by Night, a.k.a. Jack Russell, is also brought into it, but he’s pretty much useless.

My biggest complaint was the stupid and non-sensical narration by Jack Russell. It sucked.

Oh wait…an even bigger complaint: what’s up with the cover?! In issue 4 I was complaining about the sexism and bondage imagery, and here there’s even more of it. To make matters worse, this scene never even happens in the damn story. It’s just pure exploitation! I don’t know what’s up with Carmine Infantino, Marv Wolfman, and the editors, but this series has some really bad sexist overtones that I do not like.



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