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Hostess: Spider-Man vs the Chairman!

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Hostess: Spider-Man vs the Chairman!Spider-Man vs the Chairman!
Originally published: March 1978

March 1978:
Bugs Bunny #194 (Gold Key Comics), Pink Panther #50 (Gold Key Comics)

Hostess ad that appeared in March 1978 in the titles above and most likely others. Like, ‘Will Power’ and ‘Break the Bank’ before it, the interesting thing about this one is that it wasn’t in any Marvel publications (that I know of), but instead was in (at least) two Gold Key Comics books.

This ad is insane. The villain is the Chairman, a dude in a tux and top hat that has a gun made from a chairleg. When he shoots somebody with it, they turn into a chair, coloured to look like the clothing they had on before. You’d think this would be fatal, or that the lack of a face would at least stop these people-chairs from talking, but you’d be wrong:


Spidey and all his powers are helpless to stop the Chairman, but luckily some kids come a long and whip Twinkies at the Chairman. This causes his gun to backfire, turning him into a chair! Spidey rewards the kids by giving them their delicious Twinkies back.



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