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Hostess: Spider-Man “Spoils a Snatch”

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Hostess: Spider-Man "Spoils a Snatch"Spider-Man “Spoils a Snatch”
Originally published: March 1978

March 1978:
Man from Atlantis #2, Conan the Barbarian #84, Defenders #57, Red Sonja #8, Daredevil #151, Black Panther #8

April 1978:
Conan the Barbarian #85, What If #8, Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #17

Hostess ad that appeared in March and April 1978 in the titles above, and most likely others.

Pete and MJ are at a museum when an unnamed bad guy tries to steal the Cope Emerald, leading Pete to quickly make excuses and change into Spidey. This particular bad guy can project “hundred of images” (sic) of himself, making it hard to determine where the real one is. Spidey tracks down the real villain by tossing some Hostess Cup Cakes on the ground, knowing they will be irresistible to any real human. The plan works, and the bad guy is caught! Pete returns to MJ and explains that he just stepped out to pick up some Hostess Cup Cakes of his own.

Kind of boring, and I wish the bad guy had been named.



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