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Hostess: Spider-Man in “Break the Bank”

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Hostess: Spider-Man in Spider-Man in “Break the Bank”
Originally published: November 1977

November 1977:
Andy Panda #22 (Gold Key Comics), Beep Beep the Road Runner #68 (Gold Key Comics), Pink Panther #48 (Gold Key Comics), Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #446 (Disney)

Hostess ad that appeared in November 1977 in the titles above and most likely others. Like, ‘Will Power’ before it, the interesting thing about this one is that it wasn’t in any Marvel publications (that I know of), but instead was in (at least) three Gold Key Comics books and a Disney book.

Apparently, the bad guy from this — Printout Man — is mentioned in the New Avengers’ Most Wanted Files.

Pete and MJ are at the bank when some goof tries to rob it. I really wanted to like this one, I thought i had a lot of potential. Unfortunately it just didn’t make a lot of sense. It really reads like they tried to cram too much into a single page, and left out some crucial material. I’m left with so many questions: Did the whirring computers brainwash/paralyze the crowd? Why didn’t that affect Spidey? How did that relate to the plan to cause computer errors to drive people away? How does driving customers away help Printout Man take over the bank? Why was the vault filled with cupcakes?

Oh well…



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