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The Human Fly 001

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The Human Fly 001Death-Walk!
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artist: Lee Elias
Letterer: Joe Rosen
Colorist: Marie Sev.
Originally published: September 1977

WTF Peter is in Houston.

The weirdest thing about this book is that Marvel claims the Human Fly is a real person. I find that incredibly hard to believe, at least as he’s portrayed here. I also think the message of “hope” goes to far, and instead deteriorates into one of despair. You see, this Human Fly — and his companions — were all severely injured and disabled in accidents, but through grit and determination overcame their injuries. So the message is that people who have been seriously injured in accidents have given up, and if they only try harder they can be super heroes? That’s…great? Man, I’d hate to get this book while lying in a hospital bed. Maybe I’m just a bitter, cynical jerk.

Spider-Man is involved because he wants to see if this Human Fly is the same as his enemy. He joins the press tour and flies out to Houston to see the guy. Spidey refers to the evil Human Fly as “the villain I once fought”, which I guess means I should move that Hostess comic to after this, since that would twice that they fought.

I didn’t like this.



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