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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 181

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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 181Flashback!
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artists: Sal Buscema, Mike Esposito
Letterer: Annette Kawecki
Colors: Glynis Wein
Originally published: June 1978

Somehow I didn’t even notice this in my list until I was right on top of it. It’s pretty unusual for an issue of Amazing to appear in list out of publication order, but I’m going to trust this is right.

On the anniversary of his Uncle Ben’s death, Spider-Man goes to visit his Ben’s grave. Most of the issue is a retelling of Spidey’s origins and adventures up to this point, however these are interspersed with new scenes at the cemetery. These are actually surprisingly touching – Peter returns the microscope Ben gave him way back in Amazing Fantasy 15, leaving it at the grave. Later, a cemetery worker is lamenting the fact that he can’t afford a gift for his son, who all the other kids pick on. Finding the microscope, he decides to give that as a gift. And so it goes!

and so it goes



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