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What If? Vol. 1 024 (Story 1)

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What If? Vol. 1 024What If Gwen Stacy Had Lived?
Writer: Tony Isabella
Artists: Gil Kane, Frank Giacoia
Colorist: Gafford
Letterer: Orzechowski
Art assist by: Gafford, Poplaski, Zalme, Albelo
Originally published: December 1980

So this is a What If? story and is obviously non-canon. However, it contains a canon framing sequence of Pete visiting the site of Gwen’s death, one year after it happened.

I read this in totally the wrong spot, based on a hasty misreading of an old post on the MCP forums. Around now in my order is actually, apparently, the third anniversary of Gwen’s death, not the first. I should have read this book between Giant-Size Super-Heroes 1 and Marvel Team-Up 22. Oh well.

Both the framing sequence and the “what if” part were both pretty cool. I definitely am looking forward to reading more of these books.



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