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The Amazing Spider-Man: Invasion of the Dragon Men

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The Amazing Spider-Man: Invasion of the Dragon MenInvasion of the Dragon Men
Written and produced by: Arthur Korb
Originally published: 1974

This is a comic book and record set, that you can listen to while you read. I read it through once, without the audio, then did the combined thing.

I read this at the wrong time, since we are told “it is a warm summer night”, and I believe the comics I’m reading are still shortly after Christmas. Also, this was released in 1974, so I probably should have read it earlier. In fact, I can’t fathom why I placed it here in my reading order.

Draco, King of the Dragon-Men, attacks New York after seemingly landing from outer space. In reality, he is a Lizard rip-off – a biologist who transformed himself into a type of lizard-man (or dragon-man), and is now hell-bent on world domination. This thing is full of huge plot-holes, and the dialogue is terrible (not to mentioned filled with errors). Also, MJ is a brunette and looks kinda weird.

This was a cool idea, and kinda had potential. Too bad they blew it so bad.



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