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Hostess: Spider-Man in Will Power!

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Hostess: Spider-Man in Will Power!Spider-Man in Will Power!
Originally published: April 1977

April 1977:
The Inspector #11 (Gold Key Comics), Pink Panther #42 (Gold Key Comics)…

Hostess ad that appeared in April 1977 in the titles above and most likely others. The interesting thing about this one is that it wasn’t in any Marvel publications (that I know of), but instead was in (at least) two Gold Key Comics books.

Pete and MJ are on vacation – maybe a little post-christmas getaway, or maybe I read this in the wrong spot – when MJ is abducted by some townspeople. It turns out they are under the control of Simon, The Evil Swami. Spidey breaks their trance by delivering some delicious Hostess Fruit Pies. MJ is saved, but is annoyed that Spidey had to save her and that Peter was such a coward.

This was…OK.



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