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Ricochet Racers: Spider-Man and Captain America Ricochet to Freedom!

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Ricochet Racers: Spider-Man and Captain America Ricochet to Freedom!Spider-Man and Captain America Ricochet to Freedom!
Originally published: January 1977

January 1977:
Champions #10, Amazing Spider-Man #164…

February 1977:
Ka-Zar #20, Champions #11, Uncanny X-Men #103…

Hostess ad that appeared in January and February 1977, in the titles above and most likely others. Based on publication date, I read this in the wrong order. Also, the President notes that “It will be a bicentennial smash”, indicating that maybe this takes place in the summer of 1976.

In order to save the country (world?) from an alien web, the President summons Captain America and Spider-Man to take part in Project Ricochet. This involves shooting vehicles containing the heroes out of giant guns. The vehicles smash through the web, saving the day.

This makes absolutely no sense, and pales in comparison to even the lousiest Hostess ads. I bet the toy was pretty sweet, though.



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