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Hostess: Spider-Man in The Trap (A)

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Hostess: Spider-Man in The Trap (A)Spider-Man in The Trap
Originally published: May 1975

May 1975:
Marvel Super Heroes #50, Werewolf By Night #29, Marvel’s Greatest Comics #56, Giant-Size Marvel Triple Action #1, Marvel Two-in-One #9…

June 1975:
Power Man and Iron Fist #25, Marvel Tales #59, Giant Size Avengers #4, Ghost Rider #12, Night Rider #5, Defenders #24, Ka-Zar #9…

Wow, my first review of a Hostess ad! Exciting! I believe this first showed up in May 1975 in the comics listed above (and probably others), and was printed again the following month. By publication date, I’ve probably read this in the wrong spot. This ad is marked (A) because five years later, another Spidey Hostess ad with the same name was released.

In this mini-adventure, Spider-Man is captured by some nameless thugs. When he is thrown into an escape-proof concrete cell, he manages to convince his guard to let him free in exchange for some delicious Hostess Fruit Pies.

How to rate this…hmm… I think I will give this particular Hostess installment a medium rating, mostly because I would have liked the villains to be a little more fleshed out (i.e. have names).



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