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Hostess: Spider-Man and the Kidnap Caper

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Hostess: Spider-Man and the Kidnap CaperSpider-Man and the Kidnap Caper
Originally published: January 1976

January 1976:
Defenders #31, Master of Kung-Fu #36, Marvel’s Greatest Comics #61, Champions #2, Amazing Spider-Man #152…

February 1976:
Black Goliath #1, Power Man and Iron Fist #29, Master of Kung-Fu #37, Weird Wonder Tales #14, Son of Satan #2, Conan the Barbarian #59, Super Villain Team-Up #4, Champions #3, Amazing Spider-Man #153…

Hostess ad that appeared in January and February 1976, in the titles above and most likely others. Based on publication date, I read this in the wrong order.

In this installment, Aunt May is missing. When Peter gets home, he finds out she’s been kidnapped by some nameless crooks and is being ransomed for $50k. As Spidey, he goes to do the exchange but, instead of bringing the money Spidey brings along a suitcase full of Twinkies.

There are some interesting things about this ad. First, Pete is shown to be living in his current (according to the publication date) apartment, the one with the skylight. That is a nice attention to detail. Second, Spidey slips up and calls May “Aunt May” in front of the crooks, thereby possibly giving away his secret identity. Finally, Aunt May, after being rescued by Spider-Man, doesn’t seem to hate Spidey as much as she has in the past (and possibly future?).

I liked all those details above, so this gets a good rating!



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