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Hostess: Spider-Man and the Cupcake Caper

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Hostess: Spider-Man and the Cupcake CaperSpider-Man and the Cupcake Caper
Originally published: March 1976

March 1976:
Champions #4, Howard the Duck #2, Defenders #33, Conan the Barbarian #60, Master of Kung-Fu #38, My Love #39, Marvel Triple Action #28, Amazing Spider-Man #154…

April 1976:
Master of Kung Fu #39, Conan the Barbarian #61, Defenders #34, Power Man and Iron Fist #30, Black Goliath #2, Ka-Zar #15, Amazing Spider-Man #155…

Hostess ad that appeared in March and April 1976, in the titles above and most likely others. Based on publication date, I read this in the wrong order.

Pete spots his old foe, Man Mountain Marko, outside MJ’s apartment. Explaining that he needs to get milk for their Hostess Cup Cakes, Pete takes off to defeat MMM. When he gets back, MJ greets him with a little jab about how the cupcakes are better than him.

This was a great ad. I love that they brought back Man Mountain Marko for it, and that they captured the rockiness of MJ and Pete’s relationship and her frustration with his constant disappearances. Good stuff.



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