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The Marvel Saga 001

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The Marvel Saga 001Book I: The Saga Begins…!
Writer and researcher: Peter Sanderson
Art: Ron Frenz, Al Milgrom
Cover art: Ron Frenz, Bob Layton
Colorists: Paul Becton, George Roussos
Design: Janet Jackson, Bill Vallely
Typesetter: Brenda Mings
Originally published: December 1985

Excerpted material originally appears in: Fantastic Four #s 1, 2, 271, 273; Tales to Astonish 27, 44; Avengers 227; Alpha Flight 2, 3, 12; The Thing 1, 10
Excerpted writers: Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, H.E. Huntley, John Byrne
Excerpted artists: Jack Kirby, John Byrne, Don Heck, Ron Wilson, Sal Buscema, Art Simek, Joe Sinnott, Dick Ayers, Hilary Barta, Brett Breeding

Marvel Saga aims to describe all the goings on of the Marvel Universe, in roughly chronological order. This appeals to me. It was a really cool way to fill in some of the gaps in my MU knowledge.

This premiere issue starts at the beginning of the universe and moves forward until the time of the Skrull’s first appearance and impersonation of the Fantastic Four. Most of the material is excerpted from a bunch of issues of various things, but the first five pages of this issue is all new. Within these all new pages are two whole panels featuring a young, pre-spider Peter Parker reading about the Fantastic Four’s fateful space voyage. Exciting!

Notes: I read this way out of order; I’m not listing all the character appearances for this, since it’s basically every character in the MU.



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