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A Marvel Comics Super Special 001

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A Marvel Comics Super Special 001KISS / Precisely as Hot as Hell! / The Andromedia Hustle! / See Latveria and Die!
Writer: Steve Gerber
Creative consultant: Sean Delaney
Pencil artists: Alan Weiss, John Buscema, Rich Buckler, Sal Buscema
Co-scenarist: Alan Weiss
Embellisher: Allen Milgrom
Colorist: Marie Severin
Calligraphers: John Costanza, Irv Watanabe
Originally published: 1977

“Forty pages of full-color comics. Plus never-before-published photos and features. Printed in real KISS blood.

Everything about this is badass!

Platform shoes? Check.
Blind old man in a fur loincloth? Check.
Gene Simmons breathing fire? Check.
Teleportation? Check.
Moon-shaped spaceship? Check.
Sexy robot ladies with machine guns and robot monks with laser eyes? Check.
Outerspace alien disco? Check.

This is literally the best comic I’ve ever read.

Here are some amazing panels and things. Check out the fucking awesome fake ad for Air Latveria!

A Milgrom world-renowned inker says: They're damned hard to ink whatver they are!!

pretend you're making love

sucking us in

Let Air Latveria spirit you away



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