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Howard the Duck Vol. 1 001

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Howard the Duck Vol. 1 001Howard the Barbarian
Written by: Steve Gerber
Illustrated & colored by: Frank Brunner
Co-Plotters: Steve Gerber, Frank Brunner
Inked by: Steve Leialoha
Letterer: John Costanza
Originally published: January 1976

Pro-Rata (mad financial wizard)

This was fairly silly, as I expected. It was mostly a swords-and-sorcery kinda parody, with Howard and a chick in a chainmail bikini being sent off to retrieve a mystical key. The big bad was a “mad financial wizard” named Pro-Rata, whose dialogue looked mostly like this:


Spidey shows up to take pictures of Howard for the Bugle, and the two of them end up saving each other.

This wasn’t really my kind of thing, but it wasn’t bad. My guess it that it mostly just hasn’t aged well; it came off as kinda stale.



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