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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 123 & Luke Cage, Hero for Hire 012

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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 123…Just a Man Called Cage!
Scripter: Gerry Conway
Artist: Gil Kane, Johnny Romita
Inkers: J. Romita, T. Mortellaro
Letterer: Artie Simek
Colorist: Dave Hunt
Originally published: August 1973

Luke Cage, Hero for Hire 012Chemistro!
Words: Steve Englehart
Pictures: George Tuska, Billy Graham
Lettering: Charlotte Jetter
Coloring: Petra Goldberg
Originally published: August 1973

…continued from where the last issue left off. the mysterious person from the last issue has removed goblin’s costume, so that spider-man is now being blamed for osborn‘s death, rather than the goblin’s. jameson has vowed that spider-man will die for this and decides to hire luke cage to take spidey out.

gwen’s funeral gives a good chance for conway to over-narrate. once that’s over, the funeral scene is pretty good i guess. pete and flash bury the hatchet, everyone’s sad, and pete admits to mj that he feels lost without gwen. jjj doesn’t show up, which surprised me. i know he can be a self-centered jerk, but he often has a caring side that comes through. robbie defends jameson, saying that sometimes jj can just be tactless, but it still seems a bit out of character. i guess maybe it can be explained if we assume jj’s just distraught by his friend norman osborn’s death. the reason jj missed the funeral was to go hire luke cage to capture spider-man, dead or alive.

later, pete’s swinging around to try and clear is head, but it’s not working. unlike with uncle ben and george stacy’s deaths, this time pete doesn’t feel any guilt. he does feel intense sadness and loneliness. once again, peter considers retiring from the whole super-hero game, but this is right when luke cage takes the opportunity to tackle him. spidey gets pissed and temporarily kicks cage’s ass. all thoughts of quitting are gone, at least for the moment.

when pete gets home harry is there, and he gives old petey the coldest shoulder i have ever seen. it’s a pretty bitchin scene.

pete leaves, goes out with mj to the uni. cage shows up, they fight. spidey comes to his senses, and they end up talking it out. cage returns jameson’s money. the talk apparently also made peter realize he isn’t alone…because he’s friends with luke cage? that’s just weird and dumb. maybe if they showed the talk it would make more sense, but it comes off as trite.

the issue is not terrible, but the luke cage stuff falls a little flat. pretty weak cross-over in my opinion. it would have been nice to have an issue dealing with pete’s grief that wasn’t just a shameless promotion of another book. oh well. the personal stuff – funeral, mj, harry – was all really good, and i’m excited to see who the mystery man is that messed with osborn’s body.

spider-man appears in the splash page of luke cage’s book, as a flashback to their fight from asm. the story then goes completely elsewhere. this is spider-man’s only appearance in hero for hire, by the way. the issue is not half-bad, and it’s really interesting how different in tone it is from the spider-man books. i liked it, but this ain’t a luke cage blog.




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