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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 120

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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 120The Fight and the Fury
Story: Gerry Conway
Art: Gil Kane
Inked by: John Romita, Tony Mortellaro
Art assist by: P. Reinman
Lettered by: Art Simek
Colored by: Stan G.
Originally published: May 1973

The comic says Montreal is the largest city in Canada. Was that true in 1973? I’m assuming they mean by population, and I find it hard to believe. I’m pretty certain Toronto would have been bigger then, just as it is now.

Thankfully, the whole Hulk storyline seems to get wrapped up extremely quickly when the Hulk just decides to leave. Lame, but definitely a relief.

Before figuring out the Aunt May situation, Peter calls Gwen to see how Harry’s doing and finds out that Harry’s back into the drugs! :O Pete doesn’t have much time to focus on this, though, as he realizes that he’s being tailed. After a quick costume change, Spidey discovers that the guy has been hired by none other than Dr. Octopus. Spider-Man doesn’t have the opportunity to learn more though, as just then the stupid army shows up to bug him about the Hulk’s disappearing act.

After getting away from that mess, Pete heads off to meet the mysterious Mssr. Rimbaud, the man who claims to have extremely important information for Aunt May. On the way to the meeting, Peter’s car is once again followed. Everything’s getting interesting, which means it’s time for Hulk to show up to interject some lameness. The Hulk stops Pete’s taxi and forces another long, boring fight.

Once that’s finally out of the way, Pete finally meets Rimbaud and is about to get the important information, when Rimbaud gets shot! Come ON! Such a tease. Hopefully this will get resolved soon, but for now we’re left with the knowledge that the Green Goblin will appear in the next issue. And you know what that means!



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