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Fantastic Four Vol. 1 133

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Fantastic Four Vol. 1 133Thundra at Dawn!
Scripter: Gerry Conway
Guest artist: Ramona Fradon
Inker: Joe Sinnott
Lettered by: John Costanza
Colored by: Stan Goldberg
Plotted by: Roy Thomas
Originally published: April 1973

What, is Gerry Conway taking over Marvel? Jeez man.

It’s New Year’s Eve, almost 1973. Reed Richards, Johnny Storm and Medusa, the Thing and Alicia are at Times Square being miserable. Apparently, Susan Storm has left Reed and taken Franklin with her. Crystal and Johnny are no longer together, either. So yeah, sad time.

Spidey appears when he hears about the fight between Thing and Thundra and bets on Thundra.



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