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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 109

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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 109Enter: Dr. Strange!
Script: Stan Lee
Art: John Romita
Lettering: Art Simek
Originally published: June 1972

Flash has been kidnapped, Gwen doesn’t want Peter to run off like a coward, and Pete doesn’t know what to do.

Pete manages to get out, and as he’s looking for Flash he is met by the astral form of Dr. Strange. Strange let’s Spidey see what’s going on with Flash: he’s going to be sacrificed as a way to revive the high priest that sorta-died-but-not-really in the temple. Also there is Sha Shan, the girl that Flash cozied up to, and daughter of that high priest. Even though she knows Flash had nothing to do with the attack, she appears going along with this whole thing. Later, though, she tries to help Flash escape. Spidey and Dr. Strange show up and rescue Flash and revive the old man.

Meanwhile, Gwen goes ballistic on Aunt May. It’s sweet.

Well, this was a little better than the last issue in that the story actually seemed to progress a little. It still didn’t enthrall me, though, and the backstory where Flash was blacked out ended up being pretty boring.



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