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Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1 005

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Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1 005A Passion of the Mind!
Script: Gerry Conway
Art: Gil Kane
Inks: Mike Esposito
Letterer: John Costanza
Originally published: November 1972

Spidey is up late at night, swinging around and sees a man staggering. When the man trips and falls to the ground though, he slides right into the sidewalk. It turns out it’s the Vision, and something is loco in his cabeza. The Vision ends up blacking out, so Spidey brings him back to his apartment (even though Harry is there). When the Vision regains consciousness he tells Spider-Man that he’s been having extremely painful epileptic seizures – CAUSE UNKNOWN. Then, as if to illustrate his point, he has one.

Our attention is directed towards the Puppet Master. He has found an alien spacecraft and robot thing, and is building a puppet to control it. His grand plan? Revenge on the Fantastic Four. Somehow the first step towards this goal is to send the robot after gems and jewelry.

Back at the apartment, the Vision is feeling better. He and Spidey take off and go to a hospital. Spider-Man uses some of the equipment there to check the Vision out and discovers that V has two sets of brainwaves. Weird. Then Vision has another seizure. Elsewhere the Puppet Master and his robot are flying over to the Baxter building. The robot gets PM inside and past the building’s defenses. The Fantastic Four aren’t home.

We then get two panels that sort of explain what’s going on, but they make no sense. I guess Spider-Man has a device that picked up a weird broadcast frequency, coming from the Baxter building. It is this frequency that’s been acting like a brainwave for the Vision. I guess that’s an explanation, kind of…

Anyway, of course once the good guys arrive they fight the bad guys. Vision manages to destroy the Puppet Master’s robot puppet, and that fixes his brain. Conway goes on about some memories of a long-dead man or something…it really makes no sense at all. It turns out the robot was a Skrull scout, by the way. As if that makes things clearer.

Gil Kane art here is pretty nice. I can’t get a handle on this guy, sometimes I like him, sometimes I despise him. Gerry Conway still gets on my nerves like crazy. I hate his narration, man. I hate it so much.



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