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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 107

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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 107Spidey Smashes Thru!
Writer: Stan Lee
Pencils: J. Romita
Inking: F. Giacoia
Lettering: Artie Simek
Originally published: April 1972

Alright, let’s finish this shit up. I’m getting pretty tired of this fucking Spider Slayer story.

The issue opens with Spider-Man entangled in the Spider Slayer’s webbing. Smythe has also sapped away Spider-Man’s powers using some ethyl chloride gas. Smythe takes Spidey to the gang leaders, and together they begin to orchestrate a bank robbery plan.

Meanwhile, Flash apologizes to Gwen for acting like a dick and sorta admits that he loves her and also that something else is going on with him.

Back with Spidey, Smythe is occupied with his bank robbery, and Spider-Man manages to break free. He disables the robot, contacts the police to have the video spy cameras taken out of commission (since Smythe is using them in the robbery getaway), and heads out to stop the bad guys. When he’s done with them, he goes back for Smythe and finds that the scientist as re-enabled his robot and is guiding/driving it again. Unfortunately for Smythe, Spidey had previously fucked up the controls, and the whole thing goes haywire and dies. Spidey wins.

The issue ends on a really weird note as a car with a military officer (or a cop?) pulls up to Gwen and Flash, and they force Flash back in. According to the teaser, the next issue has him (or someone) going back to Viet Nam. Weird.

Uh, this issue was alright I guess. I dunno. I hate Smythe and the Spider Slayers. It’s a surprisingly boring dynamic. Even Romita’s art couldn’t cheer me up.



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