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Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1 004

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Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1 004And Then– The X-Men!
Scripter: Gerry Conway
Penciller: Gil Kane
Inker: Steve Mitchell
Letterer: Jon Costanza
Originally published: September 1972

Note that this is still taking place within Amazing 105, after Harry’s party but before the Spider Slayer robot comes into play.

We start with Pete having nightmares about Morbius. Harry wakes Peter up, but Pete refuses to go see a doctor. Apparently this has been happening a lot – like for a week – and Pete decides he does finally need to do something about it. He decides to go back for another visit to Professor Hans Jorgenson. Meanwhile, Morbius has a similar idea and also goes to visit Jorgenson. Morbius knocks him out and takes him away, hoping Jorgenson can make him a full-on vamp even during the day. When Spidey arrives, they’re both gone. And when some bitch walks in to find Spider-Man there and the Professor missing, the cops assume the worst and Spidey gets blamed for Jorgenson’s kidnapping.

In Westchester county, Professor Charles Xavier reads the news of his old friend Jorgenson’s disappearance and sends his X-Men out to retrieve Spider-Man. They all – well, all except Beast – go out fight Spider-Man, and subdue him enough to talk. Spidey is a little under the weather and blacks out, and so the X-Men race him back to Xavier’s compound.

Once there they consult Jorgenson’s notes, and discover that Spider-Man has less than four hours to live!!! Professor X also determines that Spider-Man is not a bad guy, BTW. Anyway, to save Spidey they need to get Morbius, so the X-Men head out once again. They find him, they fight, the X-Men win and return with both Morbius and Jorgenson.

Then they save Spider-Man — and Spidey fucking kisses Jean full on the lips! What the heck is that shit? What about Gwen? Jesus. Then he just fucking dives through a window to leave. “Thanks for saving my life guys, excuse me while I but the place up.” Man, fuck Gerry Conway – he’s got no grip on Spidey’s personality. And his shitty narration drives me bonkers!



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