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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 098

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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 098The Goblin’s Last Gasp!
Writer: Stan Lee
Penciller: Gil Kane
Inking: Frank Giacoia
Letters: Artie Simek
Originally published: July 1971

Right at the worst possible moment, the Green Goblin smashes through the window, into Harry and Peter’s apartment. Peter’s only hope is to try to distract the Goblin, convince him to relent, by showing him his sick son Harry. Though he barely recognizes Harry, the Goblin is overcome with emotion and takes off, vowing to come back and get Parker.

Pete gets Harry to the hospital, and starts thinking about how Harry turned to drugs because of the way Mary Jane treated him. His thoughts then turn to Gwen who, we learn, is also thinking of Peter. In London, Gwen realizes she needs Peter in her life and resolves to try to win him back.

Back in New York, Peter runs into the moustachioed drug dealer that sold Harry his pills. Pete flips his lid and beats the snot out of the dealer and his gang of goons. Woot.

Once night falls, Spidey has another run-in with the Goblin, and this time he’s playing for keeps. Spider-Man doesn’t know how to fight the Green Goblin without harming him – he knows the only way to stop and silence the Goblin is death, but that’s not really on the table. The Goblin is fighting hard and busts out a couple new weapons: a lousy glue bomb, and some sort of mist that soaks into Spidey and causes him to lose his sticking / wallcrawling ability! To make matters worse, Spider-Man runs out of web fluid.

In a tight spot, Spidey manages to jump onto the Goblin and wrap his legs around Osborn’s neck. In this position he’s able to control the Goblin’s glider, steering him towards the hospital where Harry is recovering. Upon seeing his sick son, some humanity begins to return to the Goblin. He’s concerned, and with his concern his Goblinness begins to ebb away. In a state of shock, Osborn faints.

Assuming that, while “normal”, Osborn won’t remember anything of his Goblin identity, Spidey takes Osborn home and burns the Goblin costume. I can’t help but wonder if this will work out as well as Peter thinks.

The business with the Goblin over, Peter again turns his mind to Gwen — only to find that she’s there, behind him, back in New York! The happy couple are reunited and for once it looks like everything is working out wonderfully for Pete! But, can it last? NO!

This issue was a little bit slower and a little bit looser than the last two, but still pretty good overall. Frankly I think Pete’s a moron for how he left things with Osborn, but I’m sure he’ll learn his lesson soon enough.



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