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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 097

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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 097In the Grip of the Goblin!
Story: Stan Lee
Pencilling: Gil Kane
Inking: Frank Giacoia
Lettering: Sam Rosen
Originally published: June 1971

The Green Goblin remembers everything, including Peter’s identity. When he sees Spider-Man, he vows not to let him leave alive. We open on Spidey getting knocked over by the Goblin on his glider. Just as he recovers, the Goblin hits Spidey with some hallucinogenic gas and then hits him with his fist. Spider-Man tries to come after him and gain some ground, but the Goblin keeps ahead. As they make their way outside, Spidey tries reasoning and tries fighting, but there’s just no keeping the Goblin down. The battle only ends when Peter’s able to rest under a ledge, and Osborn thinks that Spidey has fallen to his death.

The Green Goblin is a problem for Peter, because he knows Spidey’s real identity. What can he do to stop him? Sure, convenient amnesia has helped him twice in the past, but what’s he going to do now? Kill his best friend’s dad? Lost in anxious depression, Pete’s thoughts turn to Gwen. He resolves to stop being a negative nelly, to buck up, and to fight back. With this new-found gumption, he goes home and brushes his teeth. Good plan there, Parker.

When Harry Osborn gets back to the apartment, he’s pissed at Peter about the whole business with MJ in the last issue. Pete proclaims his innocence, but Harry isn’t buying it. A nervous wreck, Harry starts downing some pills for a headache and to help him sleep. Pete calls him on this, but Harry just snaps at him. Interesting…will Harry start to get on the drugs?

The next morning, Peter is wearing some insane gold chains.

gold chains

This makes MJ horny, which makes Harry mad. Pete confronts MJ about it, and she spills the beans off-panel. What’s the deal? Only time will tell. Harry skulks off and runs into a moustachioed man offering him relief from his girl troubles – relief in the form of DRUGZ0RZ!!1!

Pete goes on a mission to find the Green Goblin, MJ breaks up with Harry, the world is in a crazy turmoil. Furious about the break-up and blaming Peter, Harry kicks Parker out of the apartment and onto his ass. When Pete acquiesces, Harry does a complete 180 and tells him to stay. It’s the drugs, they’re making him nuts! Pete leaves, and when he returns he finds Harry collapsed. As he’s about to call the doctor, the Green Goblin shows up and it’s obvious that shit is about to blow up.

Another awesome issue. I’m so happy Marvel decided to forgo the comics code and do this drug story. It’s really fantastic, and a great background to everything that’s going on with the Goblin. I’m super excited about the next few issues.



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