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Update: More damn timing

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  • First, in Death & Destiny 1 there’s a shot of the Bugle from sometime in the week following Capt. Stacy’s death. It is dated June 7. This means that Stacy’s death comes almost immediately before the events in Amazing Adventures 3, but in that issue – in the same scene with the June 6th newspaper – Jameson says “Spider-who? I’ve forgotten all about him! He’s stale news right now!”. This, clearly, isn’t true in the aftermath of Stacy’s death.
  • Second, Gwen and Capt. Stacy both appear in Webspinners 4, so that has to be before Capt. Stacy’s death.

This can be solved if we assume that the newspaper shown in Amazing Adventures is a flashforward. Lame? Maybe.


ASM 85
ASM 86
(Amazing Adventures 1 – Flashback)
ASM 87
Silver Surfer 14
(Silver Surfer 15 – Flashback)
Webspinners 4
Webspinners 5
Webspinners 6

Amazing Adventures 3 – everything except the splash page
The paper shown in Jameson’s hands is plausibly different than the one on the splash. We can treat all of Jameson’s dialogue and the majority of the issue as happening before Stacy’s death, which is why Spidey is not big news. The splash page with the Bugle, then, is a flash forward.

ASM 88
ASM 89
ASM 90

Punisher: Year One
This apparently happens in June. It could easily fit anywhere between here and the Death & Destiny stuff, which all (or mostly) takes place in June (according to papers shown in the issues).

Amazing Adventures 3 – splash page
The splash of this issue shows the Bugle and the date. It is the interior of the paper, not the front page. This makes sense if the Captain Stacy stories are on the front page, and the news about the Black Widow is delegated to later pages.

Death & Destiny 1 – until the funeral
ASM 91 – until about page 9
Death & Destiny 1 – after the funeral
ASM 91 – about page 10 onwards
ASM 92
Death & Destiny 2
Death & Destiny 3

Captain America 130
Avengers 82

Oh, and by the way, I took out X-Men: The Hidden Years 9 because Spider-Man just appeared in a kind of thought bubble thing and the issue really shouldn’t have been on the list.

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