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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 092

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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 092When Iceman Attacks
Story by: Stan Lee
Art by: Gil Kane, John Romita
Lettered by: Artie Simek
Originally published: January 1971

No exclamation mark in the title!

To solve his little problem – Gwen and Sam Bullit waiting in his apartment – Spider-Man chooses the only logical action and jumps out the window with Gwen in his arms. Down below, Iceman sees this and goes after him. They fight for a bit and Iceman manages to scare Spidey off. Bullit takes credit for it.

Later, Jameson calls Bullit to retract the Bugle’s support – all because Bullit’s thugs beat up on Peter! Who knew Jameson had that kind of loyalty in him?! Bullit responds by sending armed thugs over to Jameson’s office. When Bullit gets there Jameson and Robbie let him have it – calling him out on his support of hate groups, and calling him a bigot! Whooee! The only problem is that once Robbie steps outside, Bullit’s thugs grab him. Luckily Pete spots the whole thing and follows them.

As Spidey gets on their tail, stupid Iceman shows up and starts harassing him, slowing him down. Spider-Man’s freaking out about Robbie a bit and soundly clobbers Iceman. He’s able to find the baddies’ car again pretty quickly, and tracks them to an abandoned warehouse. Inside, Bullit and his thugs are about to kill Robbie, but Spidey – and Iceman, who now knows Spider-Man was telling the truth – stop them.

Everything wraps up nice and snugly and Bullit goes to jail. No mention of how Gwen takes it, but I’m guessing she’ll be a little upset, since she started placing her trust in Bullit, and he became like a new father figure when she needed one.

Ok issue, nothing really to write home about, but pretty solid overall I guess.


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