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Fuck, now I’m in serious trouble with the dates. There’s a shot of the Daily Bugle in Amazing Adventures 3 with the date – June 6, 1970. Clearly before the Avengers stuff, and clearly after Amazing Spider-Man 86 and Amazing Adventures 1. Shit.

Since ASM 86 is winter, I can maybe assume it’s winter near the beginning of 1970 – say late March / early April. That means all the Amazing Adventures stuff can be in the spring and early summer. The Avengers stuff is explicitly written as happening in late September, so I can make that after (much after?) all the Black Widow stuff. How does that affect the Silver Surfer and Punisher storylines though?

Here’s how I think it has to happen:

  • ASM 85 – Late March / early April? There’s snow on the ground.
  • ASM 86 – immediately after. The “blow” Spidey refers to taking in his fight with the Kingpin must have been from the magnetic cables squeezing in on him. A little hard to believe, but whatever.
  • Amazing Adventures 1 – a flashback to ASM 86, so also April.
  • ASM 87 – continues directly from ASM 86, so must be immediately after. No snow on the ground, leaves on the tree – ie it’s becoming less like winter, more like spring.
  • ???
  • Amazing Adventures 3 – June 6
  • ???
  • Punisher: Year One 2 – must be spring or summer since the Castles are having a picnic in Central Park; Chronology Project’s Spider-Man entry says it’s before CA 130
  • ???
  • Captain America 130 – occurs before Avengers 82 according to the Chronology Project
  • ???
  • Avengers 82 – September 21. Chronology Project’s Daredevil and Human Torch entries show that this happens before the Silver Surfer stuff in SS 14 & 15 and Webspinners 4-6
  • ???
  • Silver Surfer 14 – after Avengers 82 (see above), before Webspinners (see below)
  • Silver Surfer 15 – flashback to #14
  • Webspinners TOS 4-6 – explicitly states that it’s a couple weeks after the Silver Surfer stuff
  • ???

I think all of this makes sense. I haven’t read ASM 88 yet, so I’m not certain I can place it or the next set of stuff confidently. I think it won’t be too big a stretch to make it come after all that other stuff though.

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