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Update: order of the last few issues is messed up

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Back to Amazing Spider-Man after a long break. The timing of ASM 86 with respect to the previous few non-Spidey titles is a bit confusing. The splash page of this issue implies that not much time has passed since the last Amazing Spider-Man – that Spider-Man might, in fact, still be on his way home from that Kingpin encounter.

The giveaway that something is screwy, though, is that there’s snow in NYC in ASM 85 and 86, but not (as far as I remember) in any of the other issues I just read. In fact, the Avengers issue explicitly states that it’s September, making snow somewhat unlikely. The Captain America page at the Marvel Chronology Project states that Avengers 82 comes after Captain America 130. Since it’s almost certain Avengers 82 should have come earlier, then Captain America 130 must be in the wrong spot as well.

Based on the snow thing, it’s probably best to just assume Silver Surfer 14/15 and Punisher: Year One are in the wrong spot too. In Punisher, the Castle family is on a picnic even, so…total fail I guess.

It turns out that getting this damn order right is pretty hard without actually reading the things.

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