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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 087

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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 087Unmasked at Last!
Writen by: Stan Lee
Illustrated by: John Romita, Jim Mooney
Lettered by: Sam Rosen
Originally published: August 1970

Awesome cover and splash page. They both look fantastic.

Pete is still in front of that microscope, and finally decides to take a look and see if he’s losing his powers. When he tries, though, he realizes he can’t focus at all – his vision has become too blurry. Pete decides the only person he can turn to for help is Dr. Curt Connors. Unfortunately, that dude is in Florida.

On his way home, Spidey remembers that it’s the night of Gwen’s surprise birthday party and he’s not only forgotten about it, but he didn’t get a gift either. Solution? Rob a jewelry store. He comes to his senses eventually and returns the pearls he stole, but clearly something is wrong with him. Shortly after he ends up completely losing his grip on a building and falling onto a rooftop. Pete takes off his mask and comes to the sad (though inaccurate) realization that his career as Spider-Man is over.

Great art in these scenes, too.

At Gwen’s party, everybody is worried about Pete for awhile, then they just decide to cut loose and have fun. Once the party is over Gwen starts crying – she was just faking the fun! Aww. THEN PETER SHOWS UP AND TELLS EVERYONE THAT HE’S SPIDER-MAN!!!!!!

Holy shit, right?

Pete then leaves. Everybody’s freaking out, partly because of the revelation and partly because Pete was obviously sick. Harry recalls the time Doc Ock unmasked Spider-Man awhile back – revealing Peter – and how everybody “realized” he was faking. He comes to the conclusion that Peter’s faking again, but he can’t figure out why. Gwen questions this, though, and wonders if Peter might actually be Spider-Man…

(yes, he might)

Peter’s freaking out and decides to go get medical help – as Spider-Man, consequences be damned. It turns out that Spider-Man just has the flu. Pff. Lame. As soon as Spidey hears this – sorry “a few minutes later” – he has completely recovered. What. The. Fuck.

Now that Spidey’s feeling better, he realizes how crazy it was to tell everyone his secret identity. He comes up with a pretty smart plan. He gets into his Peter Parker clothes, covers his face with webbing, and goes to visit the Prowler – that kid Hobie who he helped a few issues back. Since Hobey owes him a favour, Pete arranges it so that Hobey shows up in Spidey’s outfit at a designated time and place, so that the gang will see both Peter and Spider-Man at the same time. Pretty neat.

Everything works out great.



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