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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 082

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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 082And Then Came Electro!
Writer: Stan Lee
Art: John Romita, Jim Mooney
Letters: Sam Rosen
Originally published: March 1970

This issue starts off with Peter feeling down on himself as usual, but things pick up quickly when we learn that Mary-Jane’s hair is no longer in an ugly perm. Later, Harry also shaves off his ugly moustache! Double-whammy!

In this issue Spidey tries to earn some cash by going on television. Apparently he didn’t learn his lesson all those other times he tried to get involved in show business. After we get past this lame setup, we’re introduced to a new electrician at the TV station – namely one Max Dillon, a man who somehow manages to withstand what should have been a fatal electrocution. Once again, any mystery and suspense is destroyed by the cover and title of the issue and we know that he must actually be Electro. I mean, I knew that anyway from his name, but 1970 audiences may not have. That mystery would have only lasted a few panels anyway, though, as we’re then treated to a recap of Spidey’s history with Electro.

Electro decides to take revenge on Spider-Man by unmasking him on live TV. This plan does not work out too well for Electro. Spider-Man gets him to touch his hands and feet together, and Electro gets short-circuited. Unfortunately, Spider-Man also gets knocked out and Electro gets away.

Our little Petey sure is smitten with Gwen. They’ve really been laying it on thick lately, though not really in a bad way.



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