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The Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine 001 (Story 1)

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The Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine 001Lo, This Monster!
Script by: Stan Lee
Pencils by: John Romita
Embellished by: Jim Mooney
Lettered by: Sam Rosen
Originally published: July 1968

Spider-Man in black and grey?! It actually looks pretty badass. In fact, I totally love the look of this.

In this story there’s a mayoral election going on. When some workers put up a billboard for candidate Richard Raleigh, a HUGE GIANT comes smashing through it and tries to kill everyone. “Nobody puts up posters for Raleigh while I’m around!” says he. Spider-Man fights this dude, but then when Spidey re-saves the workers the giant just up and disappears.

After hearing about this act of terrorism vandalism, candidate Raleigh flies off the handle and declares a war on terror crime, vowing to battle the axis forces of evil and win. Off-camera, though, we see that Raleigh is – shock of shocks – using this as a power grab, to get elected and eventually take control of the entire nation.

Not long afterwards we learn that Raleigh has tried to kill a whole bunch of his supporters by having a ceiling fall on them. He then would have blamed the criminal underworld for this attack, in a ploy to booster his own support. Spider-Man saves the day, though, so instead he just gets really pissed off.

We also learn that the giant belongs to him too.

I left this review for a few days without finishing it for some reason. A whole bunch of shit goes down after that. It leaves Raleigh and the giant both dead, and Spider-Man getting the blame.

This was a really solid story and I found it surprisingly topical in today’s world where so much of politics is based on fear. As I said above, the black and grey art really complemented the story.

Woody Allen (the second reference to him so far):

Woody Allen


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