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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 Annual 004

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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 Annual 004The Web and The Flame!
Scripted by: Stan Lee
Pencilling: Larry Lieber
Inking by: Mickey Demeo
Lettering: Jerry Feldman
Originally published: 1967

This has another new artist, but he didn’t really do anything for me.

Human Torch has turned bad apparently. I hate Human Torch stories for the most part. I just really can’t stand the interaction between Spidey and the Torch, at least not the way Stan Lee writes it – he always reverts to his 500-pages-of-battle mode, complete with shitty banter and ridiculous stunts. Case in point:

So heating air molecules makes them dense? Wow.

Also, I hate all the stupid little lines all over the Torch’s body (and I’m sure all the pencillers that have ever touched him do too).

Every time Spider-Man fights somebody that’s using fire he mentions his “asbestos webbing”. Other asbestos-coated things in this issue: a bad guy’s asbestos suit and an asbestos tarp. There’s also a fire-proof plastic gorilla. It’s fucking lame. First of all, if asbestos is that affective with super-powered fire, why the hell don’t the bad guys make everything out of asbestos too? Why not just add asbestos to everything? It’s not like Kryptonite, where it’s kinda hard to come by – that shit was everywhere back then. Secondly, fuckin Peter Parker is going to get cancer if he keeps dickin around with asbestos. And the Human Torch too, since I’m sure everybody’s always throwing asbestos his way. Poor fucks.

Anyway, it turns out the Torch isn’t really bad, he was just shooting a movie. Wow, such an original idea! Oh, except for when Stan used it in ASM #17. What’s happens then is that Spider-Man is tricked into filming a movie with the Torch — but it’s actually a trap! Finally, an original idea! Except for when they did that in ASM #14.

The bad guys are Mysterio and the Wizard.

The action in this was so, so bad. It pained me to read it. I had really been getting more into Amazing lately and I had high hopes for this annual. What a let-down.

There are some lame-ass backups: one with the whole gang hanging out at the Coffee Bean Barn at ESU, some stuff about Spidey’s clothing and powers, Harry and Peter’s apartment…nothing interesting, really.



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